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General Remarks

  • Room rates are expressed in Reais (BRL$).
  • SINGLE: room for 01 (one) person.
  • Child up to 04 years: a child, when accommodated with 02 paying guests in the same apartment, is free (only one child free).The non-paying minor is not entitled to a bed. In the case of babies, the person responsible for booking can request a baby cot at the time of booking.If the hotel has availability, an apartment with an auxiliary bed will be designated for the non-paying child.

    When the family has more than one 04 year old child per apartment, minors who exceed this amount will be considered paying guests, so that the family is properly accommodated.

    All children must be mentioned at the time of booking.

    Again, we remind you that, according to the Statute of the Child and Adolescent, all minors must have their documents at the time of check-in and be authorized to stay when not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

  • Breakfast is included in the room rate when served in the coffee lounge, between 06:30 am and 10:00 am
  • We do not charge service fees.
  • A Room Tax (tourism fee) of BRL 3.00 will be charged, per room / per day.
  • We do not accept payments with checks.
  • Room rates start at 2:00 pm, ending at 12:00 pm
  • Tour groups: the rate starts at 2:00 pm ending at 10:00 pm, due to a large amount of rooms used and the need to comply with the time scheduled for the next guests.
  • The hotel is not prepared to accommodate pets.
  • Guest parking has an extra cost (BRL 30 per day) and advance booking is required (vacancies are limited, please check availability when booking).

Booking Conditions

  • Reservations made directly with the hotel will always require advance payment.
  • This payment will be made subject to the chosen rate condition.
  • For reservations made abroad, the only way to guarantee the reservation is to send data from an international credit card. It is not possible to pay in installments for cards issued outside Brazil.
  • We remind customers that it is impossible to make a “not present” payment with a debit card. The banking system does not allow it.
  • Free cancellation up to 14 days before check-in.

Cancellation Policies

  • Reservations canceled up to 30 days before check-in date will incur in a 10% fee, out of the total amount of the reservation. The remaining amount will be returned.
  • Reservations canceled within 30 days prior to check-in date will incur in a 50% fee, out of the total amount of the reservation. The remaining amount will be returned.
  • Reservations not formally canceled up to 02 days prior to check-in will not have any returned amounts.
  • Reservations with payments in advance (pre-payment, partial or full) shall be canceled by email only, at [email protected]. Any refund to the customer will be only possible upon cancellation request by email, respecting the deadlines above.

Children’s Accommodation

  • Children under eighteen years old can only stay with their parents or legal guardian, upon presentation of supporting documentation (guardian and child documents proving the relationship, such as photo ID card or birth certificate).
  • Minors accompanied by other relatives, such as uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc., must present a photo ID card or birth certificate and an original written authorization from their parents, with signatures duly recognized in a notary’s office, when checking-in. This written authorization must inform check-in and check-out dates, the reason for the child’s accommodation and the parent’s phone number. CLICK HERE FOR THE AUTHORIZATION MODEL.
  • Under the regulations of Federal Law 8.069, of July 13th, 1990, it is prohibited to accommodate children under the age of eighteen years unaccompanied by their parents, without a document authorizing their accommodation.
  • All children and teenagers must show proof of identity or birth certificate upon check-in. WITHOUT THE PRESENTATION OF ANY OF THESE DOCUMENTS, THE ACCOMMODATION WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE.

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